Open Thread: Penguins

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No pun intended, penguins are cool!  They're all black and white, and they waddle, and they're really really graceful underwater, and people make movies about them.  Penguins are cool.

Interestingly, the penguins in the above picture are called jackass penguins.  Now, I know NOW that this is because they make this braying noise like a donkey.  At first, however, I was examining the picture, SURE that it was going to show me, like, a penguin tripping another penguin or pushing him into some ice or something.  Oh well.

Open thread!  Talk about penguins!  Or talk about other stuff instead, I can't stop you! :P  But if, y'know, you feel inclined to talk about penguins, please don't hold back on my account!  Because penguins are cool!
~ Kristycat

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