Metapost: There Are Very Good Reasons Why I Haven't Written A Real Post In Awhile

...but they're mostly depressing and you probably don't need that in your life.

Basically, I've been really, really sick (since last Friday) and while I can personally attest that antibiotics are magic, the sucky thing about being sick is that it tends to screw everything up for way longer than you'd think because suddenly you have to work overtime to catch up on everything you missed while you were out (today) and you also have to go to medical specialists to try to make sure that your illness doesn't come back when the antibiotics are done (tomorrow) and also you have to answer eleventy-billion transcription emails and at some point you need to sit down and pay your bills because those checks aren't going to write themselves.

And let me tell you: Cats do not help this process at all. Like, you can tell them all day to write checks on your behalf and they will just blink at you like the fur-butts that they are. :(

So: I will try really, really hard to post something interesting this week. And in the meantime, may I personally ask that everyone who has the time and spoons and whatnot, please thank Kristycat for coming in to the blog, rain or shine, to give us open threads that are not merely open, but are also interesting? Like, I am so useless that we pretty much wouldn't have them if it were up to me, but even if we did it would just be a picture and a blank page of comments. Whereas Kristy actually writes stuff that I enjoy reading and learning about, and I really just cannot thank you enough, lady. Thank you.

So much. 


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