Open Thread: Behind The Scenes

Hosted by a restaurant at night
So.... this weekend, I was in a situation where I fully anticipated sitting down at a table, to be served an absolutely fantastic meal, while wearing beautiful clothes.  Instead, through the vagaries of fate, I found myself in the kitchen, serving other people an absolutely fantastic meal.  While wearing beautiful clothes.

And... I was having a blast doing it.  And it dawned on me - much as I enjoy being served and being entertained, I have far more fun when I'm actually the one behind the curtain, making it happen, seeing how the magic is done and watching the people enjoying it.  It's one of the reasons why, even though I was never a great actress, I was always involved in drama in high school - even if you're just painting scenery or working the lights, there's something special about getting to be one of the people making the magic happen for the audience.

Open thread!  Have you ever gotten to be "the man behind the curtain," helping to make an event or performance awesome?  Do you enjoy it, or would you rather relax and appreciate the show someone else puts on?  Have you had a time when your plans or expectations were completely upset, but the "consolation prize" turned out to be more fun than your original plan would have been?

~ Kristycat

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