Open Thread: Cheesecake

Hosted by a miniature cheesecake

by Faith Trekson

When your soul is listless, wan and weary
and you know not what to do;
You need a lift, a comfort zone,
to sink and curl into...

You need something to nurture you,
To heal your tired heart;
Something soothing, something soft,
A begin a fresh new start...

And so I tried some chocolate,
no good...its way too sweet;
And then I tried a cup of tea,
But I just can't take the heat..

I read somewhere that baking,
is wholesome, good and fun,
and so I thought I'd bake a cake,
and perhaps please someone...

A chocolate cake is way too rich,
Its so done and quite a bore,
And so i ventured into cheesecakes,
rich in comfort lore...

I crushed some biscuits tenderly
and formed a buttery base,
And blended eggs and cottage cheese,
in an anticipatory haze...

And as I plucked it from the heat,
my heart all filled with glee..
Blushing golden, all aglow,
Like the sun beneath the sea...

It cut like butter, soft but firm,
(just like we should be);
Eyes closed, I sat and ate it up,
knees curled underneath me...

I nearly purred in complete bliss,
as it passed my eager lips,
as it crept into my hungry heart,
and settled gently on my hips...

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