Open Thread: Meerkat

Hosted by a thoughtful meerkat
Lookit that meerkat.

I'm pretty sure he (she? zie?) has just been struck with a realization of some magnitude.

Perhaps zie is coming to terms with hir own mortality.

Perhaps zie has just seen The Lion King for the first time, and Timon is now hir new hero and object of adoration.

Perhaps zie just heard the saddest, most evocative piece of music ever, and wishes to weep for the sheer beauty and pathos of it, but zie has no tear ducts.  (Note: I have no idea if this is true; a Google search on "do meerkats have tear ducts" turns up absolutely nothing.)

Perhaps zie just found out that a group of meerkats is called a "mob" or a "gang," and is sort of hurt that humans have chosen such violent terms to describe hir family.

Perhaps someone told hir the "What's brown and sticky?  A stick!" joke three months ago, and zie just got the pun (and wishes zie hadn't.)

Open thread!  What do YOU think this meerkat is thinking about?  What Deep Thoughts have you had lately?  Can you shine any light on the urgent question of meerkat tear ducts?
~ Kristycat

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