Open Thread: Peacock

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Ah, the noble peacock.  Isn't it a gorgeous bird?  Just look at it - all those lovely colors, the huge soft feathers, the way they fan out.  So elegant, so stately.

Too bad it's a big ol' jerk.

Have you ever encountered a peacock in the wild?  I have.  I thought it was going to eat me - they're aggressive damn birds.  The only thing that saved me from being pecked to death by a brilliant blue head was the arrival of another peacock, which was apparently much more of a threat than I was.  I managed to sneak away while they battled it out.

Open thread!  Have you had any experiences, good or bad, with peacocks?  What about other large birds?  Do you like peacock feathers, and have you ever used them in crafts?  Have you had any other weird or interesting encounters with local wildlife?

~ Kristycat

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