Feminism: The Day The CEO of Storify Sent My Name To A Stalker

[Content Note: Stalking, PTSD, Death / Mental Illness] 

There will be more on this later, but as if I didn't have enough stress, in a Twitter conversation that I was having on the lack of an anti-stalking provision in the Storify TOS, the CEO of Storify used the Twitter "@[name]" feature to send the names of everyone in the conversation expressing concern about about stalking-via-Storify directly into the mentions of a known stalker who they claimed to have "warned" but refuse to actually ban from using their service.

The known stalker then started stalking me, as well as everyone else in the conversation. And a few people who tweet at me in general. Because the CEO of Storify gave him the heads-up that we were the sort of people who don't like to be stalked.

I don't talk about it much, but I'm a survivor of online stalking. My PTSD is triggered more right now than it has ever been triggered before. And the CEO has not only refused to apologize or address the situation, but is flat-out pretending he didn't do what he publicly did on Twitter. (I'm sure the tweet will be deleted soon! A few days ago I would have Storifyed it! *bitter laughter*)

I'm going to crawl under my desk now and hope the shaking stops.

Update: And you know what is awesome? The fact that the (apparently) white male CEO who made a stalker aware of my existence and crowds and crowds of (apparently) white men in my mentions explaining to me that this is No Big Deal (apparently) do not fucking understand that women die from being stalked. But, yeah, no, I'm sure this stalker who has invested thousands of hours into online stalking of women and whose very name is a reference to a female atheist being propositioned in an elevator in a way that made her concerned for her safety, I'm sure he's totally harmless. I feel solid about that.


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