Open Thread: Boo-boo

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(Apologies for lateness; I'd tried to get this posted earlier, and my computer chose that moment to go wonky on me.)

We had a scare - and a rite of passage - yesterday: the first booboo. My toddler tripped and fell while running, and faceplanted on asphalt, scraping herself up and cutting the inside of her mouth.  (Note to any who have not experienced this - cuts inside the mouth always look worse than they are.)  We're still not sure who was shaken up the worst - baby or parents.  Happily, however, all is well, she is fine, and by the time she's grown this will just be a funny story.

Open thread!  Did you have any childhood accidents that turned into funny stories?  Or boo-boos that turned out to be much milder than they appeared?  Any stories with your own kids, or kids you know?  Share the kind of stories that make you go "Oh man, that was sure scary at the time, but everything turned out ok so we can laugh about it now!"  (But please use trigger warnings when appropriate!)

~ Kristycat

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