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Rosemary is one of those herbs I have a love-hate relationship with.  I adore the flavor, the aroma.  I love how it tastes on meat, in soups, baked into breads... what I don't love, however, is the texture.  Dried rosemary seems to be magnetically drawn to the spaces between my teeth.  And fresh rosemary, yummy as it is, is a pain to chop up fine - and if you don't chop it up very fine indeed, you're going to occasionally bite into a mouthful of pure rosemary, which is a little strong.

My solution (and there must be others): rosemary-infused olive oil.  Which has the added advantage of being pretty - I can have a clear glass jar of fresh sprigs of rosemary suspended in oil out on my kitchen counter, and after it's been sitting long enough, use it to drizzle rosemary flavor into or on anything that I think needs it!

Open thread!  What are your favorite herbs?  Do you have methods you love to use for them?  Has anyone else run into the same dilemma with rosemary, and if so, what was your solution?  Are there any herbs that you thought would be TERRIBLE in a particular dish, and were pleasantly surprised?  Are there herbs you just hate, no matter what's done to them?


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