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Hey e'rybody, I'm back!  Sorry for denying you the pleasure of your regularly-scheduled Friday open thread, but I was laid up with the plague and NO GOOD TO ANYBODY.  But!  You get the promised banana thread that you would have gotten last week!  Yaaaay!

I love bananas, and not just because of the minion's love for them (which has been cited time and again as a great metaphor for how roleplayers generally act when they get a whiff of plot.)  No, bananas are just darn tasty, and almost (almost!) as good at getting me awake and energized in the morning as coffee.

Although apparently I have been opening them wrong for years :)

Interestingly, bananas were also the first real food my daughter would eat.  And loved them so much that eventually we had to take the bananas away and force her to eat other things because, well, it's not actually healthy to eat nothing but bananas, WHO KNEW?

Open thread!  Do you like bananas?  Do you like banana bread, banana pudding, peanut butter and banana sandwiches?  Did you ever buy Terry Pratchett a banana daquiri?  (NB: He does not want those anymore!)  Do you like minions?  Do you like minions and bananas?  Do you hate minions and bananas and all banana-related activities and wish we were talking about pineapples instead?  WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE PINEAPPLE STORIES THEN??



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