Review: Claymore, Vol. 16

Claymore, Volume 16Claymore, Volume 16
by Norihiro Yagi

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Claymore, Vol. 16 / 978-1421534152

I'm a very devoted fan of both the Claymore anime and the manga. I love the crisp black-and-white artwork, and while I realize it's not for everyone I personally think it's a perfect style for graphic novels. I find the action easy to follow, and the faces and body language to be surprisingly emotive. The story is complex and compelling, and I'm all in until the series finally finishes. I own this volume as a Nook Book e-book, and I assume it will shortly be ported to other online stores for sale.

Volume 16 provides the following scenes:

Scene 84: The Lamentation of the Earth, Part 2
Scene 85: The Lamentation of the Earth, Part 3
Scene 86: The Lamentation of the Earth, Part 4
Scene 87: The Lamentation of the Earth, Part 5
Scene 88: The Lamentation of the Earth, Part 6
Scene 89: The Lamentation of the Earth, Part 7

Spoilers ahead!

This volume opens with Clare speaking to Rubel, her former handler, in a town to the west. Rubel reveals that Number 6 Renee is missing, and that Abyssal Creature Riful may have the remains of Luciela and Rafaela -- and that those remains may be dangerous. In a cut to Renee and Riful, we learn that the consciousness inside the two melded sisters is unbelievably strong and dangerous.

In the south, Deneve and Helen find a Claymore hunting party that is fighting a losing battle to an Awakened Being. They decide they can't turn away from their comrades and intervene to save them. The leader of the party, Number 8 Dietrich, follows them after the battle, curious as to their story and intentions. She cautions them not to go further south, warning them of mysterious "demons" that patrol the southern regions. Helen and Deneve ignore her advice and investigate Abyssal Creature Isley in a southern town. He senses their presence and attacks, but the battle is interrupted by a number of bizarre-looking young women, who move like zombies and have their eyes and mouths sewn closed.

Dietrich rescues Deneve and Helen, and they retreat to a safer distance while Isley battles the "demons". Dietrich reveals that these creatures are new weapons created by the Organization, pseudo-Claymores created not with yoma flesh but with the flesh of an Awakened Being. The result is a mindless zombie with a craving for flesh that can be specifically honed in to a very specific scent: these "Abyss Feeders" have been tasked to hunt the Abyssal Creature Isley. They have been wearing him down for some time now, and he succumbs in the wake of his most recent battle.

Back at the Organization's headquarters, the leaders plan to unleash new Abyss Feeders, along with Alicia and Beth, in order to wipe out Riful and thereby rid themselves of the last of the Abyssal Creatures.

~ Ana Mardoll


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