Metapost: Job Update

Several of you have written truly wonderful comments and emails in light of yesterday's post and I want to thank you all and provide a sort of site-wide update.

First, I didn't mention this yesterday because I was in a bad headspace and also had not processed any details beyond JOB GONE, but this whole thing is probably not the result of my employer company being controlled by Cthulhu or anything bad like that. From what I understand of the situation, this is apparently just one of those things that couldn't really be prevented and which depended on various external uncontrollable forces (like ocean tides and the paths traversed by comets) and that the unpleasant proximity to Christmas is just an unfortunate coincidence. And I will give kudos to my company that they are apparently making a genuine effort to find us all internal jobs rather than walking us to the door. 

None of which, of course, makes the situation any easier or makes me happier about losing the best group of co-workers ever, but it is nice to know that I don't work for evil Elder Gods or whatever. So now you all know as well.

In the interim, a friend of a friend has agreed to place me in her group for the next couple of months until the project ends or the money runs out, whichever comes first. Which means that the resume still needs to be dusted off, I still have to find a new job somewhere somehow, and I'm still massively stressed over all this, but it also means that a paycheck will continue to come in fairly regularly for at least January and hopefully February as well. (We'll see.)

So that's my update for today. We have a short post tomorrow on Rape Culture and a Disability post and a Narnia post next week. I hope to get a Twilight post written for next week as well.


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