Review: Claymore, Vol. 14

Claymore: A Child Weapon, Vol. 14 (Claymore, #14)Claymore: A Child Weapon, Vol. 14
by Norihiro Yagi

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Claymore, Vol. 14 / 978-1421526683

I'm a very devoted fan of both the Claymore anime and the manga. I love the crisp black-and-white artwork, and while I realize it's not for everyone I personally think it's a perfect style for graphic novels. I find the action easy to follow, and the faces and body language to be surprisingly emotive. The story is complex and compelling, and I'm all in until the series finally finishes. I own this volume as a Nook Book e-book, and I assume it will shortly be ported to other online stores for sale.

Volume 14 provides the following scenes:

Scene 74: A Child Weapon, Part 2
Scene 75: A Child Weapon, Part 3
Scene 76: A Child Weapon, Part 4
Scene 77: A Child Weapon, Part 5
Extra Scene 3: A Chance Encounter in the North
Extra Scene 4: Untarnished Resolve

Spoilers ahead!

This volume opens with Clarice and Miata undercover in Rabona. They are discovered and flee the authorities, but Galk and Sid intervene and reveal that since Clare helped Rabona so much seven years ago, Father Vincent has been working hard to repeal the ban against Claymore. They ask Clarice if she has come because of the yoma they suspect is on the prowl, but Clarice explains that they are hunting a defector, who would probably be pretending to be blind in order to cover her silver eyes.

Clarice and Miata are led to a nun by the name of Sister Latea, who is Galatea in disguise. Though the two warriors have been taking yoma-suppressants, Galatea has sensed their arrival nonetheless. Before battle can seriously ensue, an Awakened Being that has been lying relatively dormant and preying on the populace arises to attack the newly-arrived Claymore; she is former Number 2 Bloody Agatha. The Rabona forces try to repel her, but are easily beaten back; Galatea reveals that she alerted the Organization to her presence in the hope that they would send yoma-suppressed warriors to hunt *her*, thereby avoiding arousing the suspicions of Agatha until after they had safely arrived. Unfortunately, Clarice and Miata aren't willing to abandon their mission: Miata is focused on Galatea, and Clarice thinks they have no chance against Agatha.

Clarice suffers a crisis of conscience when she contrasts her own unwillingness to involve herself in a losing battle against the brave efforts of the outmatched Rabona forces. Agatha, meanwhile, severely wounds Miata -- effectively turning Miata's attention from Galatea, but too late too be really effective in battle. The three Claymore are on the verge of defeat when the Seven Ghosts appear, drawn to Rabona by the battle and Clare's deep loyalty to the city as her place of partial-awakening.

There are two more extra scenes here, which I really enjoy as an addition to these volumes. "A Chance Encounter in the North" reveals the battle between Priscilla and Isley that we've heard so much about throughout the series. "Untarnished Resolve" gives us an emotional look into Clare's training at the Organization as a novice, and also reveals how and why she cut her hair from the long style we saw in the Teresa arc to the short bob she currently sports.

~ Ana Mardoll


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