Review: Claymore, Vol. 13

Claymore, Vol. 13Claymore, Vol. 13
by Norihiro Yagi

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Claymore, Vol. 13 / 978-1421523378

I'm a very devoted fan of both the Claymore anime and the manga. I love the crisp black-and-white artwork, and while I realize it's not for everyone I personally think it's a perfect style for graphic novels. I find the action easy to follow, and the faces and body language to be surprisingly emotive. The story is complex and compelling, and I'm all in until the series finally finishes. I own this volume as a Nook Book e-book, and I assume it will shortly be ported to other online stores for sale.

Volume 13 provides the following scenes:

Scene 70: The Defiant Ones, Part 3
Scene 71: The Defiant Ones, Part 4
Scene 72: The Defiant Ones, Part 5
Scene 73: A Child Weapon, Part 1
Extra Scene 1: A Warrior's Pride
Extra Scene 2: The Phantom and the Wicked Warrior

Spoilers ahead!

This volume opens with a fight between Abyssal Creature Riful of the West and the new Numbers 3 and 5, Audrey and Rachel, while the Seven Ghosts rush to intervene in the battle. Though Audrey and Rachel had begun the battle with confidence, it comes out that Riful had been suppressing the larger part of her aura, and they are no match for her. She is looking for allies again, but this time she wants someone who is skilled at sensing auras.

The Ghosts intervene to save the out-matched Claymores, and Riful brings Clare up to speed on the situation as it stands in the seven years that the Ghosts have been hiding in the north: the Awakened Army is defeated, the Organization has adopted an aggressive stance against its enemies, and Luciela has been defeated by Isley and Rafaela. What is more worrisome is that Riful has discovered that Priscilla is more powerful than she, and that Isley's move against Luciela was intended to prevent Luciela and Riful from teaming up against Priscilla. Riful is now desperate for allies, and the Organization will not help her against Priscilla. Riful encourages the Ghosts to ally themselves with her, but they flee. When Audrey awakes, she confirms Riful's version of events, and notes that Galatea has disappeared from the Organization.

Meanwhile, Number 47 Clarice and Number 4 Miata are traveling incognito with yoma-suppressants in their systems. They have been assigned to track and kill Galatea, and the suppressants are necessary since Galatea is/was a skilled aura-sensing warrior. Miata is uniquely suited for the task, since her berserker battle-style relies on her five senses, rather than use of yoma power. As they travel together, Clarice becomes increasingly frightened of the powerful and emotionally unstable girl, but she continues to treat her as though she were a surrogate child. They arrive at the holy city of Rabona, where Claymore are forbidden and where Galatea appears to be hiding.

The extra scenes here are a nice touch. "A Warrior's Pride" is a story of Teresa, and how she was given the black card of the former Number 1 Rosemary. We get to see more of Teresa's power, but also a lot of her character as she deals with a difficult situation. "The Phantom and the Wicked Warrior" goes a little more in-depth into the story of Miria, Hilda, and Ophelia, and why Miria is so driven in her quest to dismantle the Organization.

~ Ana Mardoll


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