Metapost: Open Threads

Moving forward, we're going to (try to) have Open Threads every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. This is by popular request, on the grounds that we're becoming a larger community, and the "on topic" threads have become more "on-topic-y" in order to be more manageable from a moderation standpoint. So now there should always be a bouncy open thread to bounce in that is never more than three days old and which should by all rights be accessible from the front page.

We have a volunteer -- who shall remain nameless for now and will be announced later in the year when the threads debut! -- who has very kindly offered to donate hir time to put up the open threads so I don't have to wrestle with them. I would appreciate it greatly if people took time in the open threads to thank hir for her hard work. I know I will be doing so!

As a general open thread note, the Open Thread tag will indicate that pretty much anything goes within the general guidelines of the comment policy. I won't be moderating Open Threads heavily and there will be no "on topic" topic to adhere to, but of course please continue to use discretion with trigger warnings and content notes. Open Threads are open to 101 questions; I know that a lot of people would like to ask more about feminism and fat acceptance and so forth, and I will allow that in the OTs since it's largely prohibited from the actual on-topic posts.

Open Threads are also places for linkage and self-promotion, just like the lesser used Recommends tag is/was. So please do link to whatever you've been working on this week/month/year. And don't feel shy about it or like no one cares; I often pop over to read things and I know others do too. Similarly, if you've had a rough week and need to rant, Open Threads are perfectly good places to vent, so don't feel like you need to hold back.

I think that's pretty much it on metapost news for right now.


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