Review: Church of Lies

Church of LiesChurch of Lies
by Flora Jessop

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Church of Lies / 978-0470565469

I'm coming late to "Church of Lies", having already read "Escape" and "Stolen Innocence", as well as "Answer Them Nothing", but I'm glad that I kept reading on this subject because "Church of Lies" is an incredible and moving read.

This book probably isn't going to be a bestseller or made into a movie; I can't even find an audiobook version to sit alongside my audiobook versions of "Escape" and "Stolen Innocence". It's not surprising that this book won't appeal to everyone: it's a brutal and unflinching look at abuse in Flora's childhood community. Rape, abuse, and unlawful detention are all a commonplace part of Flora's childhood, and a part that the authorities she reached out and appealed to chose to ignore in the name of political expediency. The narrative is biting, acerbic, and wry -- and 100% real and visceral.

"Church of Lies" is absolutely worth a read if you're interested in FLDS biographies and polygamy escape stories. Flora's devotion to the girls she helps escape is palpable, and her wry humor and acerbic wit provides some relief for the reader as they wade through the emotional turmoil. This is a book that is a short read and yet stays with you forever, and I highly recommend it.

~ Ana Mardoll


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