Self-Promotion: Pulchritude TV Tropes

(Note: If you don't like TV Tropes, this post will not interest you. Here is a penguin instead.)

For those of you who enjoy Pulchritude and TV Tropes, there is now a Pulchritude TV Tropes page!

I made it all by myself, because you can apparently do that. What I did do: added a bunch of obvious and/or author intent stuff, in addition to a single index just to be super official. What I did not do: create back-links on the trope pages (I felt shy), link to more indexes than just the one, create sub-pages (characters, YMMV, etc.), add a bunch of other obvious stuff by virtue of the fact that I ran out of steam after the first 20 or so.

What you can do: Go wild.

No, really, once a page is up, everyone has a pretty equal say in what goes on the page, as long as it falls within the various site rules of YMMV and the like. I'd love-love-love to see this filled out into something robust and awesome; otherwise, I'll just have to make a point to fill something in once a week as I find Wiki Walk examples.

*TV Tropes hug*


Patrick Knipe said...


I love TV Tropes, but for some reason it seems to be catching a lot of flak at the moment.

If/when I read Pulchritude I'll be sure to cast the wiki magic upon it.

Mime_Paradox said...

You know, it's surprisingly hard to do the wiki thing when you know just who created the work page, and that person also happens to be the work's creator. It gives everything the author says a tinge of being Word of God, which makes me feel like I'm automatically wrong if I end up disagreeing with something, despite the fact that, you know, it's a wiki.

For example, at your list, I'm not entirely sure that describing Pulchritude as a work with No Hugging, No Kissing is accurate, since it's a trope about works which specifically draw a line and say "this work shall contain no romance", rather than about actual hugging and kissing. I'd erase it, if not for the fact that one could probably write very spirited essays about whether Pulchritude is a proper romance or not, meaning it's possible it fits the trope anyway.

In any case, I'll be sure to add wicks to the work when I get the chance. :D

Ana Mardoll said...

Ha, well, I should mea culpa that I don't know ALL the TV Tropes by heart. It's possible there's something better for "romance angle, but where the one party can't touch the other party because danger". I picked that one as the closest I could find -- I may be wrong about the application! :)

Mime_Paradox said...

Wait, so you're suggesting that some people choose not to spend all their time traversing the wiki's thousands and thousands of pages? Preposterous! : P

In any case, I looked at the page for Pushing Daisies (TV series about a pie-maker/amateur detective who can bring people back from the dead with a touch, but can't touch them again without re-killing them; he eventually uses his power to bring his childhood friend back to life after she is murdered, and they begin a relationship--totally worth watching) and some relevant tropes for "non-physical relationship" appear to be "Can't Have Sex, Ever"--a couple can't have sex for whatever reason--or Chastity Couple--a couple is in love or in a relationship but for whatever reason don't partake of the typical physical expressions of that affection. Were either of these what you were thinking about?

I was also looking for a trope for "touching is bad and dangerous and for gob's sake don't do it", and curiously, I didn't find one. It seems like an oversight, since I can think of at least three examples, and I'm sure there must be more.

Base Delta Zero said...

Hmm. I've been hoping for a TvTropes article on my fanfic story to be posted, but as yet, it has not happened. I considered posting it myself, but it felt like it would self-indulgent...

Timothy (TRiG) said...

It seems like an oversight, since I can think of at least three examples, and I'm sure there must be more.

You can take that to You know, that thing where ... and create a new trope page.


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