Open Thread: Unfortunate Book Titles

Content Note: Reference to Underage Sex

I realize that this is part of an ongoing series called "Made to Crave" with the subtext being God, and I realize that this installment is directed at the lucrative female YA demographic, but this title that landed in my inbox today struck me as terribly unfortunate.

What other book titles, movie titles, billboard advertisements, slogans, etc. have struck you as amusing or odd or ill-turned?



depizan said...

For a while, there was a billboard here that read "Jesus Saves, Heals, Satisfies" above a picture of Jesus's bound wrists.

My friends and I all called it the S&M Jesus billboard. I'm not sure what they meant, but that "satisfies" and the picture suggested some interesting things. (And no, it wasn't for a church that might have actually meant the implications.)

Mime_Paradox said...

Last year, Marvel comics announced in their monthly solicits that they'd be producing a John Carter miniseries. It's title? "John Carter: Princess of Mars". I was sad when they eventually corrected it.

Dav said...

I've been looking for a new apartment. Somehow, I don't think I'll be renting from these people.

chris the cynic said...

Not as interesting as most people's, but I used to rather frequently pass by a sign that said:
Jesus Loves You
On Vacation
I was never sure if Jesus loves me when he's on vacation, or when I'm on vacation, but it is completely clear that if there isn't a vacation involved Jesus does not love me.

Ana Mardoll said...

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Fluffy_goddess said...

I now have a very unfortunate interpretation of Summer Lovin' running through my brain.

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