Open Thread: Cute Elephant

Today's open thread is brought to you by a very cute baby elephant and a fictional diary about Marie Antoinette.

Regular posting will resume Tuesday, May 1st. I apologize for this disruption in regular posting.


Michael Mock said...

Secondborn woke me up by running through the house screaming at 4:30 this morning. Apparently he was hungry, since a bit of food calmed him right down. Well, food and carrying him around for a few minutes while he screamed in my ear. As a result, I don't have anything particularly humorous or witty to add to an open thread. (This makes me sad. I like be humorous and/or witty.)

But you have a picture of elephants, so now I'm wondering if I can sell Secondborn to the circus.

Dav said...

Red tailed hawk nest livecam.

Timothy (TRiG) said...

How bad was Marie Antoinette anyway?


Ana Mardoll said...

That was a really good article. Thank you.

Nick said...

Here is a baby elephant taking a bath inside its drinking-water basin:

You're welcome.

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