Review: Demon Mistress (Sisters of the Moon, Book 6)

Demon Mistress (Sisters of the Moon Series #6)Demon Mistress (Sisters of the Moon, Book 6)
by Yasmine Galenorn

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Demon Mistress / 978-1-101-05529-8

The sixth book in the Sisters of the Moon series, "Demon Mistress" continues the familiar point-of-view switch by settling back into the braids of the youngest D'Artigo sister, Menolly. I felt that Menolly's last book, "Darkling", was the best of the first three novels in the series, and I have nothing but good things to say about "Demon Mistress", particularly after the very slightly stale "middle-series" feel the earlier two books seemed to carry.
Menolly has always been my favorite point-of-view sister, partly because her stories are always Darker and Edgier, partly because for whatever reason she seems to rehash plot points from the older books a *lot* less often than the other two (perhaps because the rehashing usually takes the form of angst, another thing Menolly avoids like the plague, and yet another reason to like her), and partly because her love interest subplots seem somehow healthier and more believable than her sisters, whether it be "Possessiveness Equals Love" Camille or "Torture Makes Relationships Stronger" Delilah (although, to be fair, I'm guessing we'll see a little more complication from that when next Delilah has a turn to speak).

"Demon Mistress" does not disappoint, and in fact starts off with a bang as Galenorn decides to tackle the overarching plot with a new approach - notably by throwing up about four major subplots at the wall and then letting them all stick together in one thread. A common plot device in mystery series, true, but one that can work very well and "Demon Mistress" is an example of doing things right. For possibly the first time in the series, we are treated to a greater demon who is actually scary enough to give the readers nightmares, if only because this one is largely animalistic and therefore somehow scarier. Equally pleasantly, and scarily, is the human cult fraternity we are treated to in the last half of the book, making me actually scared for the sisters' safety.

If you've stuck with the series this far, I predict you'll love "Demon Mistress" as much as I.

~ Ana Mardoll

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