Review: Yoga for Cats

Yoga for CatsYoga for Cats
by Christienne Wadsworth

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Yoga for Cats / 0-7893-1080-5

This is a cute little "coffee table" type book, with adorable "stick-figure" illustrations showing cats in their various poses, with pseudo-yoga terminology used to identify the cat poses. Each pose has instructional write-ups about how to get into the pose and what the pose is meant to do for you (or, rather, your cat). It's all meant to be very whimsical - I don't recommend you actually try to pose your cat in any of these poses, and most of the poses aren't human-friendly, so this really is just for chuckles.

It's a cute gift book, all told, and visitors will enjoy thumbing through the pages and chuckling at the cute illustrations, but it would take less than an hour to read through this from cover-to-cover, so bear that in mind when considering your purchase.

~ Ana Mardoll

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