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We've been something of a "Nook family" for awhile now; I have a Nook Classic and a Nook Color, and my husband liked my Nook Color so much that he and his daughter both got ones for themselves this Christmas.

I've noticed that when I take my Nook out in public with me, people invariably want to ask questions about it, especially now that there are so many eReaders on the market. "What's the difference between the Nook Classic and the Nook Color?", they'll ask. Or, "My brother has one of those Kindles, why didn't you get one of those?" I love helping people comparison shop but I'm usually too distracted or too busy with whatever errand took me into public in the first place to give them the time they deserve. So I've started printing up "Nook FAQs" and keeping them in my Nook case, and I hand those out whenever people start asking. I feel a bit like a salesman handing out brochures, but it *does* help me feel less guilty about scurrying off before my ice cream melts in the car.

In the interests of sharing, I thought I'd provide links to my homemade faq here:

Nook FAQ Word Document (you'll need the Mink Regular font here)
3 2/3" Laser Perforated Paper

Also, lately I haven't been 100% thrilled with the Nook screensavers on offer out there. Don't get me wrong - a lot of them are really incredibly lovely, with intricate details and designs that I'd give my right ear to be able to design. I'm a simple person, though, and when my Nook goes to sleep I like for it to just have a basic plain white face with maybe a nice author quote about the joy of reading.

I went digging around through Nook-Look (which is an awesome site, and everyone should visit it at least once), and found a couple of nice quotes, but it was a rather flimsy haul, and a lot of the quotes didn't seem all *that* book-related to me, probably on account of my being notoriously picky. My graphics capability basically amounts to being able to type stuff up in MS Paint, but since that was pretty much all I wanted, I used my Google-fu to dig up some groovy book-quotes at Quote Garden and got to work.

I ended up with 46 images (600 width x 800 height) for use with the Nook, and loaded them onto Nook-Look for good measure. Clicky! And, of course, if you just want to pick and choose, you can snag them here, via Imageshack:



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