Metapost: Reviews Replicated!

Yay! So it only took a couple of weeks of digging through Amazon archives, but I've finally finished moving over my Amazon book reviews both to GoodReads and here on the blog.

I'm very thrilled to be done with that phase, and I'm surprised to note that a good 400+ of my 900+ reviews on Amazon were book reviews - I knew I specialized in books, but I wasn't aware that they compose about half of my repertoire. I haven't decided whether or not to move over the movie and music reviews yet; I'm fairly certain that my movie reviews, though fun to write, help no-one, and the music reviews are uniformly for either pop music that everyone has already heard of or filk music that everyone hasn't.

Now that we're caught up in "real time" as it were on the book reviews, I'm excited to look forward to some of the plans for the future. I really want to continue "Twilight Saturdays" - some recent health issues and the all-encompassing ABNA competition have put a temporary stop to the S-Meyer fun, but we're going to start up again soon, I promise.

I also want to feature some author interview "guest posts" with new authors that I've been excited to meet through the ABNA competition. I've been able to track down quite a few of the ABNA authors I met last year (although not all of them - Google has not been my friend in some cases), and I'm really very excited about show-casing some new and fresh talent on the blog.

I really think that March will be a wonderful month for the blog, and I'm looking forward to some fun times ahead.


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