Open Thread: Super Tuesday

[I'm not posting a gif on the main page, but if I did, it would be that glorious gif where the bald eagle tries to bite Donald Trump.]

Here there be politics. For a non-politics open thread, proceed here without passing Go.

We're tentatively hosting an open thread for processing today. I'm going to repeat some of what I've said on Twitter (here): Please be kind to one another. I'm a Clinton fan. Several of the moderators here are Sanders fans. I'm pretty sure almost all of us are anti-Trump. I would like us to all still be able to get along gently and amicably and kindly after today. I think so far we've done well with this, but I expect today to be an emotional one.

Remember: A person's vote is their own, to use however they feel is most valuable. Whether that means a "strategy vote" or a "protest vote" or just being really damn enthusiastic about their candidate; all of those are valid reasons. Please do not urge people how to vote--we've all had enough of that.

Remember: Please be kind. There are ways to celebrate that aren't gloating; there are ways to mourn that aren't blaming. There are legitimate, valid, real criticisms to be made of both candidates and their supporters that don't dunk everyone in the same tub of ice cream without room for nuance and difference of opinion. Note that I haven't seen anything like that in this space, but I'm nervous and twitchy from The Great Twitter Schism of 2016.

Remember: November isn't tomorrow. If one of the candidates loses today (which I'm not saying will happen, just hedging bets here), please give their supporters time to mourn and grieve without being like okay you have to support our candidate right now because Trump. We have many months to process grief, and it is entirely valid to grieve when a candidate you supported loses. It is legitimately frightening and helpless-feeling to feel like you have no say over an important decision that affects your life. Let people grieve and be kind, I beg.

Remember: If you need to unsubscribe from comments for self-care reasons, that's okay. Love to everyone. <3


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