Open Thread: Front Page Lobster

This three week old lobster (right) was on the front page of the local newspaper.  Jesica Waller who photographed it (left) won a visual media award from the National Science Foundation.  If you happen to get the magazine Popular Science you might have seen this photo there.

She took the picture while working on her thesis.  She's studying the effect of climate change on lobster development, with an eye toward anticipated ocean temperatures in 2100.  The outlook isn't good (when is it?) because the temperatures will likely cause lobsters to grow up fast (probably not a bad thing) and die young (totally a bad thing.)

This I know from nothing.  I needed food.  There was a Subway restaurant.  Newspapers are provided should the patrons wish to read them.  This was on the front page above the fold.

Anyway, here's a cute baby picture, and we've still got some time to try to make the world not go to hell before 2100.  Not a huge amount of time (2100 is only 84 years away and there'll need to be some lead time to make things better) but focus on the cute baby picture.  Ze's three weeks old.


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