Open Thread: Nature's Ice Breaker

Not that long ago.  Wednesday.  I had to drop off primary computer at the Best Buy to have it sent out for repairs.  It's a long walk, definitely an hour each way.  I think they remodeled the mall a bit.

Coming home the sun decided to race me.  It bet that it could set before I could reach Clark's Pond to have an unobstructed view of the sunset.  It won.  But as I got there I saw geese.  There were at least five, maybe more, but at first I saw only two.  One was standing on the ice as a goose naturally would.  the other was this one.

This goose is not surrounded by water, unless by "water" one means "hydrogen dioxide regardless of physical state."  No.  It is in ice.  But it swims.  Because why should the pond being covered in ice stop it from taking a swim?  It cuts trails through the ice, leaving water in it's goose-thin wake.

It is nature's ice breaker, and it will not let a little something like the fact the pond is completely frozen over stop it from having a swim.


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