Open Thread: At the Docks

Something I saw at the docks a while back.  For people who aren't fans of wheels.

The Casco Bay Bridge goes over the Fore River Estuary and passes almost directly over the spot where The Scotia Prince used to dock.  The Prince was a cruise-ferry, or is that a ferry-cruise?  It went from Portland, Maine, to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.  (It also had gambling once you hit international waters.)  Over a decade ago it stopped operating; there was a major health problem in the terminal (mold) and in the end they were evicted and the building demolished.

I don't know who owns the docks there now, but they're using them for shipping goods instead of people.  Usually you don't see anything but the containers the size of an 18 wheeler trailer which are designed for easy switching from ship's cargo to truck's shipment.

Sometimes there's something different.


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