Self-Promotion: Poison Kiss Now Published Everywhere! (Ish)

I have an announcement here on my Wordpress blog, but the short version is that the Writings page has been updated with fresh new links! Buy my book!*

(* If you want to, and/or it sounds like your thing.) 

(Obviously you don't have to!) 

(Please construe my statements as enthusiastic suggestions, not orders.) 

(Seriously, though, it is a good book, enjoyed by many ladies and genderqueer folk.)

(Maybe a few cis men, too. At least one that I know of.)

(Here's a really nice review that made my day.) 

(Anyway, sorry to bother folks, I'll get back to work now.)

P.S. If there is a book distributor that you prefer to use that is not on the list, please let me know? I can't promise I can get in (example: Google is closed to indie authors at this time) but I can try!


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