Wendy Wednesday: I'm With Wendy

[Content Note: War on Agency]

Folks, Jessica Luther (who is awesome and you should follow on twitter if you have twitter) has written me about a really cool project that she is doing in order to push back against a lot of the really toxic and misogynistic memes about Wendy Davis. (Because, seriously, if you've been following all this on Twitter, it's gotten really bad with people tweeting Wendy 24-7 about being a "murderer" and really toxic stuff like that. Constantly.) And also to talk about all the other good reasons to support Wendy Davis besides reproductive rights (not that those aren't an important issue, but they're not the only issue).

So! Jess has started a site called I'm With Wendy to put a face on the movement, for those people who feel comfortable putting their face online. (And for those who aren't, that's okay too. No pressure at all on this.) 

Main site: http://imwithwendy.wordpress.com
Tumblr page: http://imwithwendy.tumblr.com/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/imwithwendy
Twitter: @imwithwendy
Email: imwithwendyD@gmail.com (NOTE the D in the email address!)

Jess says: 

I’ve started a new photo project around my twitter hashtag, #ImWithWendy, that was originally born from this blog post.

This photo project is open to anyone who lives in Texas. If you would like to participate in this photo project:

1) Write your own sign that starts, “I’m With Wendy because…” followed by a specific reason that you are voting for Davis. Please DO NOT write, “because she’s not Greg Abbott” or “because she’s better than the other option.” For ideas, see the list below.

2) Send me an email titled “I’m With Wendy Pic” with the picture attached and please type the city where you live, and, if you would like, your name. Email: imwithwendyD@gmail.com (NOTE the D in the email address!)

Possible things to put after your “because”:
§    she backs legalizing medical marijuana and will consider its decriminalization
§    she has a strong history of support for the LGBT community
§    she champions equal pay
§    she has literally stood in the way of anti-choice legislation
§    she has been a supporter of Planned Parenthood for a long time
§    she filibustered a budget that cut over $5 billion from education funding
§    she has been an advocate of veterans
§    she wants state-wide Pre-K for all Texas kids
§    she favors granting driver licenses to undocumented immigrants
§    she backs re-regulating college tuition
§    she wants to expand Medicaid
§    she supports federal efforts to declare the voter ID law unconstitutional
§    she backs gay marriage
§    she wants teachers to have higher pay

Thank you!!


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