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No Conjurer
The prehensile snout of a Tapir
is  posturally renowned,
but  I am no caricaturist
unless I required Rhinoplasty
Neither am I an 
Air Force Major or a Fireman,
never having shot or doused in anger
never clanged quid pro quo,
I am a wordsmith, without  a necessarily  dangerous  course,
a wedgeless door stop this side of juxtaposition, 
trying for a profile, 
riding on a buzz,
to think so few images 
could  conjure so much verdure
 - topaz oreilly

...Huh.  Well, that... that started off well.  I'm not really sure where that ended up...

This open thread was going to be about tapirs, how they're distantly related to horses and rhinoceroses, and how their babies have adorable stripes until they get older and how they're really really endangered and apparently there's a World Tapir Day on April 27, who knew?  But honestly there's just not a whole bunch of cool facts about tapirs other than what I just said, I was kinda disappointed to tell you the truth, and really I'm still kinda staring dumbstruck at that poem up there trying to figure out what the hell just happened, so...

Open thread!  There must be more cool facts about tapirs that I wasn't able to find, I just know it!  An animal that looks as cool as the tapir HAS to have some cool facts hidden away!  Find them and share them below!  Alternately, share poems that just have you scratching your head going "...huh?!?"
 ~ Kristycat

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