Open Thread: Cereal

Hosted by breakfast cereal in a strawberry-shaped bowl

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.*

(*Rough translation: my bad, my bad, TOTES my bad.)

I know there haven't been any open threads for a bit, and that... is completely and utterly my fault, though I WILL shamelessly deflect some of the blame onto contracting the plague these last two weeks.  (Better now!)  I will do better!

For today, have an open thread about breakfast cereal!  I will admit, I am a sucker for cold cereal and milk.  I forget how much I like it, and then one day I have a bowl and go "oh goodness, I forgot that I love this," and then have like three more bowls and suddenly it's noon and there's no more cereal left in the house...

...ahem.  Anyway, yay breakfast cereal!

Open thread!  What is your favorite breakfast cereal?  Do you like cold cereal or hot, sweet or unsweet?  If you don't like cereal, what is your perfect breakfast?  Do you have any foods that you really like, but routinely forget that you like until you try them again?

 ~ Kristycat

Wednesday Reminder!  Open threads are meant to be fun, chatty places to discuss anything that doesn’t “fit” into a deconstruction or other regular thread.  This can be something totally off-the-wall and random, or it can be something interesting that a deconstruction prompted you to think of, but which would be derailing to get into in the deconstruction thread.  When in doubt, move it over here - that’s what it’s for!  

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