Metapost: Accessibility Reminder

Folks, I just realized that we have several really big replies (as in a "Reply" to a comment, which causes nesting in Disqus) in the Narnia thread from a couple weeks ago. I want to please remind everyone that we don't use Replies here except in short cases (like verbal "likes" of comments) and moderator notices. (Both of these exceptions are to accommodate the fact that otherwise the commenter won't necessarily get an email notice of the response.)

This is outlined in the comment policy, which I encourage everyone to review.

I realize this is a difficult to remember for a lot of commenters, but we're trying to maintain a disability-friendly space and several of the people in this space (including some members of the moderation team) have difficulties processing nested comments here. I thank everyone for being aware of this and commenting mindfully. Thank you!


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