Recommends: Deep Down The Rabbit Hole

Have you read Brenna Hillier's post about ingrained sexism in the game industry? I liked it. A lot. I very heartily recommend sticking to the end in order to read the wonderful made-up dialogue. Snippet:

Female: *bursts into conference room* Wait! I propose a solution!

Developer and Publisher: *express confusion and dismay at discovering a female in their midst, but can’t find their cans of mace fast enough*

Female: Why not make 12 male characters and 12 female characters, dividing the budget between them? $3 squillion each?

Publisher: Good lord, I did not know women could do maths!

Developer: I did, but then again, I have met several women. My mother was one, as is my sister.

Publisher: Goodness me, does your father know?

Female: Still in the room.

[much later]

Publisher: Come to think of it, I’m actually deeply personally ashamed that it took a financial argument to convince me of this, given the inherent, objective immorality of exclusion and oppression.

YESSS. LOVE. Hat-tip to Louisa.


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