Open Thread: Art Car

Hosted by a decorated car
I think my favorite part is that instead of "Hello Kitty," it says "Hello Soul."

Open thread!  Art cars, mutant vehicles, custom cars, art bicycles, customized and modified vehicles of any kind!  Have you seen them?  Do you own one or know someone who does?  (Can we have a picture?)  Is there one in your neighborhood that you see occasionally?  Have you ever been to an art car show?  Would you ever decorate a car like this?  If so, how would you like to decorate it?  If not, why not?  Find and share awesome pictures of art cars if you like!
 ~ Kristycat

Monday Reminder!  While I have fun coming up with pretty pictures and/or interesting “prompt” questions for open threads, you aren’t limited to those!  These threads are open - go wild, talk about whatever moves you!  (Just remember that this is still a safe space, please!)  

And, like on all threads: please remember to use the "post new comment" feature rather than the "reply" feature, even when directly replying to someone else! 


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