Metapost: Beta Listeners Needed

I need some volunteers who would be willing to listen to the audio book version of "Pulchritude" and can report back to me any issues/problems/concerns they find. Terms and conditions apply:

1. All feedback needs to be in by 7/1/2012 at the latest so that I can give the narrator enough time to make final changes prior to the release date. If you don't think you can listen to a 20-chapter, unabridged book recording between then and now, please don't volunteer for beta listening (you'll still have a shot at the final version for free listening).

2, The narrator has a British accent which may not be immediately easy for everyone to parse. "I couldn't understand the narrator" is certainly valid criticism to relay as beta feedback, but it's not something that can be changed at this stage, so please keep that in mind.

3. I am hoping to identify words/passages/chapters/areas/voices where things are distinctly unclear or sound "off" to the listener. If 9 out of 10 listeners report back that (for example) the final sentence in Chapter 7 is completely unclear, then that's something that can be re-recorded and spliced in. I'm hoping for no more than 10-50 "issue areas" reported back for the entire book per listener, which will then be cross-examined against each other and fed back to the narrator as desired changes.

4. Unlike with the actual Pulchritude book, which had an "Acknowledgements" section, I have absolutely nothing to offer in compensation this time except of course that all beta listeners will receive free copies of the audio book when it's finished. (I may be able to work up something more in the future as a formal "thanks", but I can't swear to that yet because I need to do more research.) I intend also to put up a "beta readers / listeners" page on my Acacia Moon website, but that's not exactly high fame and everlasting glory, I'm afraid. I actually feel really bad asking for help on this one, but I figured it doesn't hurt to ask and I'm having a heck of a time trying to do all the listening myself, what with all the narcotics in my system at the moment.

Thank you in advance if you're willing to Beta Listen for me, and I look forward to hearing from any willing volunteers. Thank you.


    Ana Mardoll said...

    I'm going to put a comment here for the benefit of those who mostly just watch the Recent Comments widget. Thank you to the three who have already volunteered!

    Ana Mardoll said...

    More information here on my narrator's lovely blog:

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