Review: World Cruise Story

World Cruise Story
by Kairosoft

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I think I've already mentioned that my current method of dealing with stress is to find a cutesy spreadsheet game and then min-max the crap out of it. World Cruise Story was one of the first Kairosoft games I played, right after Game Dev Story as a matter of fact, so I was surprised to pick it up again recently and find it to be really, really hard. Either my brain has regressed in some way or... well, I'm not sure I want to finish that sentence.


So I've been starting over a new game every day for the past two weeks whilst grappling with pain pills and surgery and I've finally hit on a strategy that makes me warm and fuzzy: it's all in the initial floor planning, and the trick is to house the passengers in tiny cabins on the outside deck until you get more floors. Hahahahahahahahaha. (They actually like it out there, but that makes it no less amusing to me.) So! Another day, another Kairosoft spreadsheet shared out in Ana's Google documents. The floor plan stuff in Sheet 1 is all mine but I did rely on the official guide for some dimensional planning, and the stat bonuses in Sheet 2 are all credited to this wordpress blog.

So, er, um... enjoy! I'm not sure why I keep making these except that I have some kind of biological compulsion to write user guides that no one will ever read. Maybe someday they'll isolate that gene.


Gelliebean said...

I have really been enjoying Game Dev Story, ever since you first mentioned it.... :-) I also picked up another of theirs, Pocket Academy, which I've been finding much more difficult. It seems that not all the Kairosoft games are available for iPhone, but I'll probably look for this one too.

MaryKaye said...

Could it be that the game seems really hard because you are drugged out of your skull? Just saying'....

I know someone who stopped drinking because of NetHack. This is a game where you get only one save at a time--if you die, you die. I've played many hundreds of hours of it and only won twice. In any case, this guy used to drink a beer socially and then play NetHack. He strongly believed that one beer did nothing to his judgment--really, who would expect it to? But he lost NetHack character after character after character, and finally realized that one beer was all it took. Then he started to wonder what other difficult pieces of judgment were suffering, and finally decided to quit altogether.

Ana Mardoll said...

LOL, it may be the drugs, but a major scramble here is that everything is unlocked in a very specific order. So you have to get the roof first and THEN the second floor. And I want the second floor first. And so on. Somehow in my earlier playthroughs, I made that work for me, but I've lost it. But, yeah, maybe the drugs. *shakes fist at sky* :)

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