Review: Fingerprints

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by R.C. Lewis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fingerprints / B003CV7TZ8

Lareina and Tasmin are twins - they're just like each other in every way... except that Tasmin is deaf, Lareina is not. Life in the orphanage has been difficult, but a steady routine. Lately, however, both the twins have been feeling rather odd.

With superb writing and excellent characterization, this excerpt draws the reader in instantly and never lets go. From what seems to be a solid inspirational tale about two sisters in their junior year of school, at the end of the excerpt, the plot makes a hard left turn into science fiction territory and leaves the reader gasping for breath.

Were the full version of this novel to be published, I would definitely buy it now. To the author - if you do publish this work, I would be most grateful if you would let me know.

NOTE: This review is based on a sample excerpt of this book provided through the ABNA contest.

~ Ana Mardoll

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