Review: The Counter-Creationism Handbook

The Counter-Creationism HandbookThe Counter-Creationism Handbook
by Mark Isaak

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Counter-Creationism Handbook / 978-0-520-24926-4

I first encountered most of these counter-creationism arguments online, on the TalkOrigins website, and found all of the arguments to be well-reasoned, superbly researched, and very helpful. I was happy to buy this companion volume (which documents most, but not all, of the online material) in order to have a handy hard-copy reference available around the house.

I cannot help but be very grateful to this book and its authors because I must confess that I first encountered most of the actual creationism arguments provided in this book years ago, when I was a child, taught in the "Bob Jones" curriculum provided to me in the private schools I briefly attended. Although 'Creation Science' was only a small portion of the school year (indeed, the curriculum seemed desirous to speed through the whole messy business as quickly as possible), it was defined largely in terms of what it *wasn't* - i.e., not evolution. Most of the arguments refuted in this book were provided as 'evidence' against evolution, including the 'Darwin's Complex Eye' dilemma - an argument which I can only assume now is perpetuated in ignorance or duplicity. It is distressing to see that so many of the arguments and quotes provided to me as a child were taken so blatantly out of context, and I extend my thanks to Mark Isaak and the TalkOrigins authors for helping to set me straight on so many levels.

This book is a fantastic resource for learning more about evolution for anyone coming from a creationism back-ground who has heard only half the story so far.

~ Ana Mardoll

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