Index: Tropes and Characterization

Label: Deconstruction (Tropes)

03-05-2011 - Why I Hate Alistair
03-09-2011 - Twin Symbolism and Societal Extremes in Bumped
05-09-2011 - Gender Characterization Hurdles
05-17-2011The Characterization Effects of World-Building
05-24-2011The Tangled Threads of Series Building
05-31-2011Hollywood and Male Protagonists
06-14-2011Black Dude Dies First
07-15-2011The Curse of the Smart Girl
07-29-2011In Defense of Adaptations
08-07-2011Weak Heroes Wanted
08-12-2011Stories That Crush My Soul
08-25-2011Prostitution. You're Doin' It Rong.
09-08-2011A Woman's Right To Be Selfish
09-22-2011The Terrible Secret of Animal Crossing
10-13-2011Avoiding Stupid Ancestors
10-27-2011The Closet Monster
11-10-2011The Best Day Of My Life (and Hollywood's Assumptions about Women)
11-17-2011False Accusations, Ruined Lives, and I Do Not Recognize Your Fictional Reality
12-01-2011Gamers, Advertisers, and Poe's Law
12-15-2011Running a Deconstruction, or Devoting Your Life To Complaining About Things
12-22-2011Manic Pixie Dream People 

01-16-2012 - Back Tattoos and Living Paper
01-17-2012 - Law and Order and Contrasts
01-18-2012 - CSI Miami and Character Derailment
01-19-2012 - The Replacement Wife
01-19-2012 - The Bechdel Test
01-26-2012 - Classism and Systemic Marginalization in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
02-02-2012 - The Problem With Bjurman
02-09-2012 - Vigilantism and Victim Blaming in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
02-23-2012 - How Do We Deal With Triggering Language in Writing?
02-25-2012 - Breaking News To Mystery Noir Novelists
02-25-2012 - When Good Men Do Nothing
02-25-2012 - Spoilers
03-15-2012 - The Subversive Power of Slash-Fic
03-30-2012 - Moving the Fitzpatrick Scale
08-30-2012 - Being Dana Scully
09-20-2012 - Why I Dislike Ross Geller
10-03-2012 - Sexism and Subtlety
10-14-2012 - Darren Shan, Dangerous Extremist

01-02-2013 - FF7 and Tropes About Women
01-07-2013 - Writing Personas
02-21-2013 - Taking Heart with Ni No Kuni
04-25-2013My Wife Left Me
05-12-2013 - No Place Like Home
06-01-2013Tropes vs. Women by Silver Adept
08-18-2019I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream

01-28-2014 - I Don't Want To Be Apocalypse Eve
04-03-2014 - The Real Me

03-23-2018 - Writing with Chronic Pain 04-25-2018 - Passive Characters
04-26-2018 - Bisexual Characters
12-02-2018 - The Problem with Entrapta

Note: Last updated 02/03/2019.


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