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Ender's Shadow

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» Ender's Shadow, chapter one, in which Bean is not as smart as he thinks he is
» Ender's Shadow, chapter two, in which Bean is a singing muppet
» Ender's Shadow, chapter three, in which Bean is first an apostle
» Ender's Shadow, chapters four, five, and six, in which Bean just barely doesn't sprint into the fourth wall
» Ender's Shadow, chapters seven and eight, in which Bean confirms that the author is right about everything
» Ender's Shadow, chapters nine, ten, and eleven, in which Bean is a god and Ender is a messiah
» Ender's Shadow, chapters twelve, thirteen, and fourteen, in which Bean is distressed that no one understands how awesome he is
» Ender's Shadow, chapters fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen, in which Bean is a street preacher
» Ender's Shadow, chapters eighteen, nineteen, and twenty, in which Bean doesn't murder anyone
» Ender's Shadow, chapters twenty-one and twenty-two, in which Bean is not the smartest person
» Ender's Shadow, chapters twenty-three and twenty-four, in which Bean steps aside

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