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Ender's Game

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» Chapter one, part one, in which Will inexplicably follows in the style of the terrible decisions that have gone before
» Chapter one, part two, in which we immediately give up on all reasoned morality
» Chapter two, in which the villainous Peter Wiggin fails to be as horrifying as our hero
» Chapter three, which is much less terrible than previous chapters, or maybe I'm just getting inured to it all
» Chapter four, in which Ender Wiggin becomes the blatant reader-fantasy-insert
» Chapter five, in which Ender SHOWS THEM ALL and Will says 'whatever' a lot
» Chapter six, in which ZERO GRAVITY RACISM saves the day
» Chapter seven, part one, in which we just don't understand Ender's FEELINGS
» Chapter seven, part two, in which everyone gets naked
» Chapter seven, part three, in which middle schoolers are just too old to keep up with the young folks
» Chapter eight, part one, in which Jjjjeeeewwwwwws
» Chapter eight, part two, in which things are very briefly not awful
» Chapter nine, part one, in which blogs are taken seriously
» Chapter nine, part two, in which alternative interpretations abound
» Chapter ten, in which Ender rejects redemption and loses his boyfriend
» Chapter eleven, in which we get down to the WINNING
» Chapter twelve, in which Our Hero gets his second kill
» Chapter thirteen, part one, in which Ender tells the truth
» Chapter thirteen, part two, in which Graff ruins everything again
» Chapter fourteen, part one, in which Mazer Rackham doesn't replace Graff soon enough
» Chapter fourteen, part two, in which the plan works perfectly
» Chapter fifteen, in which the victims blame themselves
» Introduction, in which we contemplate empathy

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