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Individual Films
06-09-2018 - Beauty and the Beast (Live): Disney, Queer Rep, and Beauty and the Beast
07-28-2012 - Brave
12-17-2013 - Frozen
05-03-2012 - Little Mermaid
08-14-2012 - Tarzan

06-06-2014 - Bending Race and Gender
06-08-2018 - Disney Kisses

Note: Last updated 02/03/2019.


Ana Mardoll said...

This is the deconstruction index post for the Animation deconstructions. It will be updated on a semi-monthly basis. It has been back-posted to the mists of time when the blog first began to eschew clutter and maintain tidiness. It can be reached from the updated Deconstruction Index page at the top of the blog as well as the first post in the deconstruction series of the appropriate label.

Toby Bartels said...

The new one is not in the index:

Ana Mardoll said...

Updated, thank you. :)

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