Open Thread: Open Thread of Openness!

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So - I was going to do a Memorial Day themed open thread, and indeed, that's a great possible topic.  Do you have anyone in your life you honor and remember on Memorial Day?  Do you have any plans for picnics or cookouts today?  If you're not in the U.S. and have no connection to Memorial Day at all, is your Monday going well?

However!  As we're in a blog-vacation, this is the open thread to last us until NEXT Monday.  Which means it is TOO BIG FOR ONE TOPIC!!!

Now, yes, ALL open threads are, well, open.  But here, I am actively encouraging you to proactively throw your own topics out there, to get people talking about anything and everything.  Be creative!  Heck, if nothing else, treat this as a getting-to-know-you thread.  Where ya from, what's yer business, how's the kids?  :)  (And hey, if you have anything you'd like to see as a starter topic in a future open thread, toss it out there - I love ideas!)

DO PLEASE remember - for the rest of the week, moderation is happening on a strict "when we feel like it" schedule.  So you're on your honor to behave :P

Anyway.  Have fun, and we'll be back next Monday!

~ Kristycat

(p.s. Reply-function reminder, blah blah you know the drill)


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