Open Thread: Beltaine

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Happy Beltaine, everyone!  (Before anyone corrects me, know that Beltane and Beltaine are both correct - I use the one I think is prettier.)

I know we already did a "Spring Holiday" open thread, but I'm about to be out of town for the next 5 days celebrating Beltaine (and, er, camping with an infant, which may be awesome or may be a TERRIBLE idea), so you get it again.

Two things I noted from the event rules: they specifically list, as a rule, that "No" means "no", not "keep asking" or "try again later" (a good rule to have under any circumstances, but especially at Beltaine, which is linked in many people's minds to sexuality and sensuality); and the women's tent is specifically noted to be open to "all who identify as girls or women" (emphasis mine.)  This pleases me.

Anyway!  Open thread!  To change it up a little: does anyone have any good festival (Pagan or otherwise) or camping stories?  Anyone have any songs they like to sing when gathered with friends, or beverages (alcoholic or non) that are just perfect for passing hand-to-hand through a group?  What sort of events do you like to go to that get you away from the "real" world for a day or a weekend or a week?

~ Kristycat

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