Metapost: Disqus Replies

Folks, I'm not trying to be mean, but it's been 10 days since I asked everyone to read the updated comment policy, and 7 days since I asked everyone again to read it, specifically because we're getting a LOT of people using the Disqus "reply" function in ways they are not supposed to here. Additionally, almost every open thread for months has asked people not to use the reply function for anything more than extremely short (i.e., twelve words or less) "I agree" type statements.

It is very frustrating to be forced to repeatedly ask people to observe in this space a courtesy that was instituted because I and others here have a visual processing disability which makes parsing nested comments extremely difficult and frequently outright painful. It is additionally very frustrating to keep feeling like I'm being a big meanie for asking people to observe this courtesy in a disability-activist space where I have spoken extensively about the importance of remembering and accommodating disabilities.

I really do not want to institute a rule where long replies are deleted on sight, but that is what I am being gradually pushed into by the continued mentality in this space that the comment policy I keep asking people to read only applies to other, newer commenters and not to regulars here. I either have to start deleting good comments to "make the point" forcefully enough, or I have to withdraw from the board entirely and not read the comments on my board. Neither of those possibilities are attractive to me.

I am going to ask again that everyone here be cognizant of this and adjust their commenting practices accordingly. I want to remind everyone here that the new comment policy is required reading for commenting here for a reason. Thank you. 

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