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First off: apologies, apologies for missing Monday's Open Thread.  I just know y'all were heartbroken :)  I plead having just come off of four days of camping in the pouring-down rain with a squirmy baby who couldn't be plopped down in the flood-mud to play!

Anyway.  On with the open thread!

I recently obtained a Keurig machine as a birthday present, and I'm still madly in love with it.  It's just a basic one, but it is AWESOME.  I've been exploring different coffee varieties, and have found to my delight that although light roasts (my favorite) tend to be looked down on by "serious" coffee drinkers, because they're not all dark and bitter and hardcore, they DO have more caffeine.  So there. :P

Open thread!  What kind of coffee do you like?  Dark, light, espresso, espresso drinks, drinks with so much milk and sugar that they're only loosely defined as "coffee"?  Do you like the coffeeshop atmosphere, or do you consider it pretentious and/or a waste of money for something you could get at home?  Iced coffee: a godsend during the summer, or an abomination?  Or do you eschew coffee altogether and prefer something like non-caffeinated herbal tea or something?  Discuss!

~ Kristycat

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