Open Thread: Gardens

Path And Flowers by Petr Kratochvil

Do you garden?

I don't. I'd like to. But I never really have. For one, there's the problem that I kill absolutely everything I try to grow: possibly this is related to the fact that Texas hates the sorts of plants I would very much like to grow, and possibly this is related to the fact that I have absolutely no concept of how to grow things properly. I like to treat potted plants like I treat my cats: put food in the bowl once every three or four days, water them about as often, and talk to them whenever I walk by. The difference, I suppose, is that the cats can self-regulate their food and water from the bowls, whereas the plant just sort of soaks it all up in one go and languishes at me until the next feeding. And so I stick to cats. (Also: they are cuddlier.)

Then there's the slight issue that most forms of gardening work cause me severe back pain, so. But I did used to take a tremendous amount of delight in getting seed catalogs and planning out my dream mega-garden that I was totally going to plant one day once I wasn't in an apartment anymore.

So. Do you garden? What do you grow or what would you like to grow if you did?

~ Ana Mardoll

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