Open Thread: Candy

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What's your favorite candy?

I didn't like candy when I was growing up. One of my favorite stories about me as a child is that I loved Halloween and would always beg and plead to go to just one more house over and over again because I wanted to get all the candies. As many as possible! Then when my parents would finally take me home, I'd sit down on the living room floor and carefully sort out all the candy into piles. Chocolates, here. Fruit flavored things, there. Gum, here. Lollipops, there.

Then I'd stand up, dust myself off, announce "okay, all yours now", and go to bed. It was my parents' job to eat the candy I'd sorted -- and usually store it all together in a big candy bowl. But it was vitally important to me for some unknown reason to procure, sort, and count the candy. And always according to these categories that frequently made sense only to me.

(When I grew up, I found out that I do like candy. I guess I just had to let my sweet tooth develop.)

~ Ana Mardoll

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