Elementary: Announcing Elementary Whenevers!

(I wanted to say "Elementary Saturdays", but I cannot promise that, lol.)

Several things have happened to me this year, some emotional and some practical, and all of them have rolled up into a big ball of awesome to bring you all a new deconstruction picking apart everything I love regarding the newest Sherlock Holmes reboot: Elementary.

For one, Melissa McEwan has introduced me to the show, and helped to foster a deep and abiding love for this feminist-friendly masterpiece. Some of you have been following the "Liss and Ana Talk About Elementary" posts over at Shakesville, and those will be continuing as long as I have fingers to type and Liss has the patience to compile my random thoughts into a lovely coherent narrative.

For two, Best Friend has introduced me to Roku, which allows me to watch Amazon Instant Video with captions (omg, thank you, thank you, thank you, Best Friend), and which means that I can buy Elementary and watch it on my computer for screencappy goodness and deconstructiony rewindy times. This is a very necessary hurdle for deconstructing visual media and I am grateful.

For three, Melissa McEwan has written this amazing post -- Seek and Ye Shall Find -- about the awesome power of feminist love. Love for other people, yes, but also love for things like kickass television shows. And while I do have a love-deconstruction in the form of The Hunger Games, I'm also fully aware that a lot of those books is depressing like whoa, which has affected how quickly I can go through them and how many of you can follow them.

And thus has Liss inspired me to invest some time and energy into explaining all the reasons why I love-love-love Elementary, partly because I like to undercut the laughable Humorless Feminist stereotype where I can, partly because I want Elementary to succeed as much as possible, and partly because I want to encourage other shows to be more feminist-friendly in response. And mostly because I love this show more than I love Pirate's Booty Aged White Cheddar Crisps. (Which is, obviously, a LOT.)

Also, inspired by the Feminist Harry Potter and Friends and Feminism tumblrs, you'll be seeing stuff like this sprinkled into posts here and there on the blog:

Sherlock and Joan demonstrate that men and women
can be friends and colleagues
without becoming romantically involved with each other.
(SHERLOCK: Do you believe in love at first sight?)

(Posts with one-offs like the above will also be tagged as "roflbot" in honor of the swiffy site that provides this capability.)

Update: And it has belatedly occurred to me that my original plan of scattering roflbot posts over the blog over the next few weeks will mean accidentally spoiling people who haven't seen the show. So I will retire the tag and confine the screencaps to deconstruction posts under the cut.


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