Film Corner: Leap Year

[Content Note: Dubious Consensual Kissing, Stereotypes]

You know what we need? A heartwarming movie about a woman who is bound and determined to cross oceans if it means getting engaged. That seems fresh and different!

Rewrite time!

Father: In Ireland, a woman can propose to a man on the 29th of February.

Heroine: Dad, I'm not going to Dublin. Okay? First of all, a woman "can" propose to a man any time she wants; I do not lack the ability to do this thing and I do not feel constrained by social judgment in this matter because if [Love Interest] and I are meant to be together, he isn't going to be put out by my proposing because he will not be invested in gender stereotypes. Second of all, I'm not comfortable imposing myself impulsively on [Love Interest]'s trip, which I presume he has made for valid business or family reasons, and I think it would be emotionally pressuring for me to follow him to another country and ask him to marry me.

I'm going to instead use this opportunity of his absence to enjoy being me and to do a little soul-searching on this issue. If I decide that a monogamous commitment is something I really want and need at this time in my life and this place in our relationship, we'll talk about it together when he gets back in a safe space and time which will be chosen in deference to our individual needs and not in support of some arbitrary social judgment granting women autonomy at a rate of approximately one day every four years.


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